5 Reasons Frequent Flyers Should Invest in a Leg Elevation Pillow

Frequent flyers, especially those who make long-distance flights, are at risk for all sorts of conditions, from jet lag to airborne colds to sluggish circulation. Flying can be really hard on your body in many ways, so if you do fly a lot, it’s worth it to invest in some tools that can help prevent health issues and make the traveling transition a bit easier on you–including a leg elevation pillow.

From better circulation to improved digestion, there are multiple reasons frequent flyers love leg pillows. If you’re a frequent flyer yourself, read on to discover the five reasons why you need a leg elevation pillow.

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Increase Blood Circulation

Excessive sitting or standing for long periods of time—such as sitting in a plane seat all day—can slow down your circulation, leading to swelling and sometimes even causing blood to pool in your feet. Fortunately, a leg elevation pillow can help passively combat the effects of poor circulation while you watch TV, read, sleep or engage in other activities. By elevating your legs above the level of your heart, you encourage blood and other fluids to drain from your extremities, improving your circulation and reducing swelling as you rest.

Relieve Back and Leg Pain

Airplanes aren’t exactly known for being the pinnacle of comfort, especially if you can’t or don’t fly first class. Limited leg room makes flights stiff and uncomfortable, hampering your ability to move and stretch out your muscles. Indeed, many people feel as sore after a flight as they would after a workout, even though they may have hardly moved around at all while they were on the plane. If you find yourself feeling stiff after a plane ride, or experiencing leg and back pain, elevating your legs on our patented leg pillow can help mitigate your symptoms naturally and encourage your body to stretch out as you rest.


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Relax and Unwind

Traveling by plane is a stressful experience for many, and some people find themselves struggling to relax and rest once they land at their destination or return home. Using a leg elevation pillow can help gently relieve stress and revive your energy. Putting your legs on the pillow somewhat mimics the legs-up-the-wall yoga pose, known officially as the Viparita Karani, designed to help people relax and improve their mind-body connection. However, because the pillow uses a much gentler angle of incline, anyone of any flexibility level can use it, even while they sleep—and it doesn’t require lying on the floor either.

Improve Digestion

Travel often causes digestive issues, ranging from an upset stomach to constipation and everything in between. Elevating your legs helps encourage regular digestion by improving intestinal mobility and the absorption of nutrients. It also increases the flow of blood and energy to your core, including your stomach, so your body can make use of it for digestion. If you have trouble easing back into your regular routine after traveling, a leg pillow can help you make the transition and get your stomach back to normal after you land.

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Complement Compression Socks

Many frequent flyers swear by compression socks as an excellent resource to keep their blood flowing, even when they are sitting in a plane seat. However, once you take the compression socks off, you can still encourage circulation and relieve swelling by using a leg elevation pillow. This way, your feet and legs can get a breather from the compression socks while you still reap the benefits of leg elevation. You can even use a leg pillow as you sleep during the night, when you would otherwise not be wearing compression socks.

Leg elevation pillows are a gentle way to help your body overcome the stress of travel and get back to its regular, healthy routine. Plus, a leg pillow couldn’t be easier to use: Just put your legs on the pillow anytime you’d otherwise be lying down or lounging around, and you’ll be getting the benefits without any extra effort on your part. Whether you struggle with leg and back pain after a long flight, or you can’t relax and fall asleep when you land, a leg elevation pillow is the perfect solution to many frequent flyer problems.

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