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As an elite level competitive cyclist, recovery after intense training and racing efforts is a huge factor in being able to perform at your best, time and time again. The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is a key part of my daily recovery routine. Whether I am at home or traveling to races, spending time elevating my legs on the Lounge Doctor aids in reducing recovery time, allowing me to train and race harder with more consistency.

—Franklin D - Greensboro, NC

In my twenties I don't think I put any effort into recovery. I didn't feel sore, or at least not for long. Now that I'm in my 30s, I have to make every effort to ease the transition between workouts. With the help of the lounge doctor leg rest I am once again capable of racing hard and training the next day. It's my number one tool in fighting sore muscles. I don't look twenty anymore, but least I can feel like it!

—Josh C - Greensboro, NC

the comfort and feel is beyond words. I'm sure that this is going to become part of my routine resting habit. We try to travel a lot and once I recover from my surgery, I will be ordering an inflatable to take on our travels. Thank you for your great customer service and an amazing product that helps people. Something that you should be very proud of. 

—Gary P. - Venice, Florida

Now here's a doctor I want an appointment with every day! I give this product a hearty recommendation. It is great for mom's tired legs, whether pregnant, postpartum, or in my case, weary after chasing around the grandbaby. 

—Kathryn B.

I bought the leg rest with memory foam and it is wonderful. I haven't had my surgery yet, but still use it. I know that it's going to make my recovery so much better. My brother saw mine and now wants one for himself. I liked it and put it on Facebook too! Thanks for making this.

—Tamera D. - North Royalton, OH

The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is amazing! I've been prone to varicose veins from a very young age. I exercise, eat right, and do all that I can stay healthy and promote vein health. Using the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest when watching TV, or reading a book, adds so much more relief than just "putting your legs up." You customized the fit to my height and it's so comfortable and relaxing to use. Thanks for making my legs happy and healthy ones!!!

—Anja Z - Charlotte, NC

Katherine and the Lounge Doctor Team, It's been nearly one week since I have been using the Lounge Doctor and it is just fantastic. My wife also loves using the lounge doctor when she gets home from work, she is an elementary art teacher and is on her feet all day. When she gets home, she puts up her legs. It's so good that it's hard to get the leg rest back from her. I can't believe that we haven't been doing this until now. We are definately spreading the word about the Lounge Doctor. 

—Shawn F. - Arkansas

Thank you! I cannot tell you what a positive difference this leg rest is making in my recovery. I'm sure I'll use it every day- even after I'm all better because it is SO comfortable. Add me to your list of satisfied customers!

—M. Disa - East Lansing, Michigan

I just wanted to say thank you for this awesome product. My dad has been so comfortable while laying down and elevating his legs! I work in a hospital and would encourage anyone who is needing to elevate their legs at home to have this comfortable product. It's worth every dollar.

—L. Buskirk - Somis, California

If you are serious about your running and your recovery, this item is a must! The people at the Lounge Doctor can help you become a better runner, just by putting your feet up and relaxing. How awesome is that?

Runners- check out the full review of the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest at

—Greg Leasure - Richmond, Virginia

I recently purchased a leg rest because I was having foot surgery (bunionectomy) and wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with your product. I've been in bed with my foot elevated for 9 days. It is so comfortable with the Lounge Doctor. I highly recommend this product for anyone on bed rest that needs to keep their foot elevated. Thank you!

—C. Hargis - Sacramento, CA

I am a retired woman & have peripheral edema & statis dermatitis. Because of my physicians request to raise my legs above my heart. I have been using my Memory Foam Lounge Doctor several times a day. It is unbelievably comfortable & the swelling in my feet & legs is relieved literally in just a few minutes. I can't imagine living without it! Thank you Dr. Dickson. God Bless!!!.

—J. Seifert - Minnesota

Thank you! I love my Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. I use it for my arthritic knee and it's so much better than stacking pillows! It is just the right height and angle. I think y'all are very smart!

—K. Denton - Austin, Texas

I can't begin to tell you how much your Lounge Doctor Leg Rest has helped me. I rest my legs 2 or 3 times a day, and also I wear my compression socks every day. This combination therapy has helped clear up my venous ulcers, and my legs look and feel so much better! Your Leg Rest was truly Heaven sent! I recommend it for anyone, not just people with health problems. It really helps you relax and take a load off, any time of the day. Thanks for a great product!

—D. Craig - Madison, North Carolina

Great Product. We have been telling our patients about it.

—K. Rogers - University of Michigan.

Dear Lounge Doctor,
My ultimate leg rest arrived yesterday. I was so excited to try it I decided to take a short rest before dinner. My first thought was...this is heaven!

Last night was the best sleep I have had in the last 20 years! Thanks again for your excellent product and excellent customer services.

—B. Schwab - Russellton, Pennsylvania

Dear Lounge Doctor,
My ultimate leg rest . . .
Love, love, l o v e my Lounge Dr leg rest! It has made such a big difference for me with my leg swelling/lymphedema, so glad I found your site while online looking for a leg rest.

—K. Molnar - Salem, New Hampshire

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. My only regret is that I didn't have one years ago and that I never realized how beneficial it really is to your overall health to elevate your legs. I feel considerably more relaxed since I started using it, and I find I even get better quality sleep by using it. Also, my back feels a lot better in the morning when I wake up. If customers read this and are planning to get one for themself, I think they would find it to their advantage to spend a few more dollars and get the one with memory foam. I have tried several products over the years which did not have Memory foam and the increased comfort level from the memory foam is well worth the extra money. I spoke with Katherine on the phone at The Lounge Doctor a couple of times before making my purchase. I found her to be an extremely nice, conscientious, and well informed person, and she handled everything perfectly for me. It is nice to have everything in an online purchase go through for you without any glitches or things going wrong.When you get a good product and good service you want your friends and others to know about it, especially since it will benefit their lives. And thank YOU, Dr. Chris, for "inventing" it!

—Ian - Fort Myers, Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love this Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. It is helping me tremendously to reduce swelling in my legs. I also like the perfectly contoured and fully washable slip cover. So very smart! This is an excellent product.

—Suzan C. - La Jolla, CA