Lounge Doctor Leg Rest vs. Lounge Doctor Leg Rest with Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Written by Amber Williams 4/3/18

Lounge Doctor Leg Rest


Lounge Doctor Leg Rest with Cooling Gel Memory Foam  

What's the scoop?

Lounge Doctor Leg Rests ALL have the same patented shape, derived from scientific research, to provide the most effective angles for your legs at rest. However, we offer the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest with standard foam, plus an option with cooling gel memory foam. Some people may ask, "Is one more effective than the other?" when considering which option to purchase. Here's the scoop!


They Are Equally Effective

The standard foam is just as effective as the memory foam, because the foam itself doesn't influence the patented shape of the leg rest. The shape of the leg rest is what provides the optimum angles for your legs. Since all Lounge Doctor Leg Rests have the same shape, you will benefit from optimum blood flow with any leg rest you choose!


They Have the Same High-Quality Structure

The quality is consistent for all foam leg rests. The same standard cell foam is used in the Cooling Gel Memory Foam Leg Rest. Essentially, the two leg rests are identical, except the Memory Foam Leg Rest has a two-inch layer of Cooling Gel Memory Foam placed on top, for added comfort. Quality and effectiveness remain the same from one Lounge Doctor Leg Rest to the next!


The Main Difference is Simple

While both leg rests offer a firm, yet comfortable surface for legs to rest on, the Memory Foam Leg Rest forms a cool, unmatched resting place for each leg! Two inches of Cooling Gel Memory Foam allow your tired, achy legs a refreshing, plush place to rest and recover after a long day. Our customers rave that the memory foam enhances the lounging experience tremendously, helping them stay cool, comfortable, and relaxed on a daily basis. The memory foam takes the same effectiveness the other leg rests offer and adds a unique level of comfort to the experience. Try yours today!


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